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Homebrew Equipment Kits: How to Choose the Right Kit for You

Having the right equipment is crucial to a successful home brewing. Rather than attempting to search for all of the necessary components individually, choosing to get a comprehensive Equipment Kit is the best place to start. That way, you know you’ll have everything you need right there and won’t be scrambling for parts come brew time. We’ve put together an assortment of equipment kits that range from basic to complete, all created with the needs of all types of homebrewers in mind. We’ll take you through each package to help you decide which equipment kit is the perfect one for both your brewing style and your wallet.

Equipment Kit Staples

No matter which kit you decide is right for you, all of them include:

True Brew Handbook - excellent primer for brewing with our equipment kits
Beer Bottle Brush - bristle brush for the easy cleaning of 12 - 22 ounce bottles
Double Lever Clapper - for quick and easy bottle capping
B-BRITE™ Cleanser 8oz. Tub - for proper sanitation of all beermaking equipment
Adhesive Thermometer - for monitoring temperatures within buckets and carboys
3-Piece Airlock - used with the fermentation bucket and carboy, allows the release of CO2 produced through fermentation while preventing external air from altering the process
Triple Scale Hydrometer - to measure specific gravity before and after fermentation

Basic Kits

Maestro Kits
The Maestro kits are the perfect starter kits for the aspiring home brewer. In addition to the staples mentioned above, these kits are also equipped with:

6.5 gallon fermenting bucket with lid - an airtight storage vessel, the perfect receptacle for fermentation to take place
6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot - the intergrated spigot makes filling bottles a breeze
Auto pump-action siphon and 5ft. of tubing - allows for a simple, one-motion transfer of brew from one vessel to another
3/8" Dual function bottle filler - insert into the bottle and push down to fill, lift up to stop - it's that easy!

Gold Kits
The Gold kits are a great choice for those who want to get a bit more from their homebrew kit. The basic versions of the Gold kits will, in addition to the staples, include:

7.8 gallon fermenting bucket - this large-capacity bucket can double as a bottling bucket
Bottling spigot
Auto-siphon - allows you to easily transfer your brew from vessel to vessel
6 gallon glass or PET carbor - perfect for secondary fermentation and clarification of your beer

Complete Kits

The Maestro Complete and Gold Complete kits have everything included in the basic kits with added accessories that, if you don't already own, will definitely be needed when brewing. They are upgraded with:

20 qt. brew pot - essential for the mash and boiling process of brewing
Brew spoon - a heavy duty long-handled spoon for stirring, preventing boilover, whirlpooling and even yeast activation
Straining bag - a reusable nylon fine-mesh bag that's perfect for holding grain during the mash process
Upgraded thermometer - an easier to use and more precise measuring tool for monitoring temperatures during the brew

Bottling Kits

To help you avoid the hassle of finding, collecting, and cleaning old bottles, we offer Maestro kits that include all of the bottles and caps you'll need. Maestro kits upgraded with:

(48) 12 oz. beer bottle, case of 24 (x2)
(144) Silver Bottle Caps

Now that you've got your equipment kit narrowed down, it's time to learn more about beer ingredient kits.

Equipment Kit Comparison Chart

Here is a chart that breaks down the differences between equipment kits:


*All kits include the staples listed above

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