Under Counter Water Chiller

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Discontinued Product

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Clover Under Counter Water Chiller with Adjustable Thermostat

For cold water straight from the tap, look no further than the Clover Under Counter Water Chiller (C12E-CHILLER). This compact water chiller fits easily under any counter and chills up to 1.3 gallons of water for convenient cold water right at the kitchen sink. The cabinet is constructed of high quality material with strong corrosion resistance, while the cold water tank is made of hygienic stainless steel with an external refrigerant evaporator that's mechanically wrapped around the tank. An easily accessible adjustable thermostat delivers water from 35.6°F~53.6°F (2°C~12°C).

Cooling is provided by a convection cooled condenser. The compressor is internally spring mounted and hermetically sealed and features an automatic overload protector. The refrigerant is controlled by an accurately calibrated capillary tube for highly efficient cooling.

  • Convenient Cold Water:

    With this water chiller properly installed, you can get cold water straight to your kitchen faucet or anywhere cold water is frequently needed

  • Compact Design:

    This water chiller is compact enough to fit under any countertop for easy installation

  • Adjustable Thermostat:

    The adjustable cold water thermostat lets you decide how cold you want your water, anywhere from 35.6°F~53.6°F (2°C~12°C)