White Install Kit w/ Filter & Point of Use

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Clover White Install Kit w/ Filter & Point of Use - White

Make sure that your water cooler is set up correctly when you use the Clover White Install Kit w/ Filter & Point of Use (POU-B7-WHITE-IKF). This installation kit helps connect your cooler to the water line, which will give you unlimited amounts of water to cool you down. Included with the kit is a filter, which allows you to clear the water of minerals and residue that can be harmful to you and others. This kit will ensure you get the cleanest, coldest water available, and that you will never go thirsty again!

An included Point of Use (POU) conversion kit enables you to eliminate water pressure with the dual float valve. This prevents the risk of water leakage throughout several connecting parts within the water cooling system, and it also protects the water from gaining any airborne contaminants. POUs also help you reduce the cost of your existing water coolers, which can save you money on your overall bills. Ideal for any home or office, this kit will keep you and everyone around you safe.

  • Easy Installation:

    This kit helps connect the water line to your water cooler, as well as keeps the water flowing for a long time

  • Clean Water:

    An included filtration system ensures that your water will be the cleanest

  • Point of Use:

    The point of use system saves you money on overall water cooler maintenance and bills