Copper Immersion Wort Chiller 50'  Model:5723

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Copper Immersion Wort Chiller 50'
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Copper Immersion Wort Chiller 50′

Used to quickly reduce the wort temperature after the boil, the Copper Immersion Wort Chiller 50' (5722) is 9" wide and can easily fit in small brewing vessels. The coiled design increases the effective cooling surface area to rapidly reduce the amount of time it takes you to hit yeast pitching temperature and help avoid infection of the wort. Immersion chillers are far more effective than ice baths.

This particular model measures 50 feet in length, making it twice as long as standard immersion chillers, doubling the effective cooling surface area to reduce cooling time even further. For water input and outflow, two (2) 5' vinyl tubing attachments are included. The cold water input has a female hose thread (GHT) and will attach to a standard garden hose faucet or utility sink.

  • Tube Dimensions: 50' × 3/8? (outer) diameter
  • Coil Dimensions: 9? diameter × 6 1/2? high
  • Input Fitting: Female GHT

Note: You may need to purchase a faucet adapter to properly attach the female GHT fitting to your faucet.

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