Wine Keg Dispenser with Keg

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EdgeStar Wine Keg Dispenser with Keg - Black

Let the EdgeStar Wine Keg Dispenser with Keg (WKC2000HBKG) change the way you think and drink wine. Whether you make your own wine or are looking to get casks filled at local wineries, this wine on tap system will protect your wine from harmful elements, significantly cut costs, and diminish environmental waste.

  • Protects Wine Integrity:

    Inside the wine keg and kegerator, your wine will be shielded from harmful environmental elements, such as heat, light, oxygen, and vibrations

  • Cost Effective Wine Dispensing:

    You'll never have to throw out unfinished bottles of wine with this system that is able to keep wine fresh for up to 4 weeks

  • Eco-Friendly Bottleless Solution:

    In addition to benefitting the wine itself, by cutting out the use of bottles and corks and by employing a reusable keg, the use of this Wine on Tap System significantly reduces the amount of waste produced by you and the wine industry as a whole

  • Wine Certified Components:

    Using Barrier Tubing and all Wine Certified 304 stainless steel dispensing hardware components, your wine is completely protected from oxygen permeation and taste transfers

  • Easily Convertible:

    Converting this Wine Keg Dispenser to a beer keg dispenser is simple and easy to do-- Either replace the current tank valve or switch the tank itself to a CO2 tank and you are ready to dispense beer

  • Wine on Tap Conveniences:

    Whether you plan to serve wine by-the-glass or by-the-carafe, this wine dispensing system cuts costs, increases wine longevity, ensures wine integrity and reduces the amount of waste caused by bottles and corks-- This system is the perfect wine dispensing solution for bars, restaurants, caterers, event planners, wine makers and lovers alike

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