Accademia Espresso Machine

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine - Silver

Make the perfect hand-crafted drink every time with the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine (1003380). This all-in-one espresso machine will make you feel like a real barista making the perfect drink for you and your friends or family. The seven (7) programmable drink options allow you to customize your machine to fit your preferences, allowing you to make your favorite drink at just the touch of a button! This machine can also be programmed to remember your preferences in terms of coffee boldness & strength, milk froth, and much more.

Two (2) dedicated boilers allow you to brew one (1) or (2) cups of espresso at the same time, freeing you up and allowing you to prepare your food or get some sugar while you wait. The stainless steel front panel and metallic look help to also make this espresso machine one of the best looking on the market, making it a great-looking conversation piece in your kitchen or office. Perfect for those coffee lovers who don't want to spend a lot for a latte or cappuccino, this unit will make the perfect drink every time.

  • Programmable Settings:

    Seven (7) drink options and 7-10 cup coffee quantity allow you to customize your coffee experience to your preferences

  • Opti-Dose Feature:

    This unique feature adjusts the amount of coffee used per cup, allowing you a stronger or weaker blend

  • Capacity:

    The 17 L water tank and 0.5 L milk carafe give you a bountiful amount of liquid for each brewed drink