Gilda 3 Lever Corker
BSG HandCraft 6410 $32.99
Gilda 3 Lever Corker
BSG HandCraft

Gilda 3 Lever Corker

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Gilda 3 Lever Corker

The Gilda 3 Lever Corker (6410) is easy to use, durable, and a great value. The 2-handle mechanism evenly compresses the cork before the 3rd handle presses it into the bottle. This even compression makes for a smooth transition that doesn't dent or damage the cork.Perfect for the home wine maker, it's made of a highly durable resin material with a metal handle.

  • Durable nylon material:

    Offers lightweight but strong functionality

  • Even compression:

    The iris compresses the cork evenly without damaging it

  • Easy to use:

    Simply compress the cork, place onto bottle, then use the lever to insert into neck


  • Model: 6410
    Gilda 3 Level Corker
  • Brand: BSG HandCraft
    Two-handle compression mechanism
  • Durable resin material
    Metal handle
  • Color: red
    User-friendly experience

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