Outdoor Kit

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Handpresso Outdoor Kit - Black

Drink an espresso on the go with the Handpresso Outdoor Kit (HPOUTDOOR). With this portable espresso kit, you can take a sip of a delicious drink on hikes, at work, and even at sporting events. Complete with the Handpresso Wild, the high-pressure extraction system that allows you to brew espresso wherever you are, this thermo-formed EVA unit can withstand pressures up to 50 PSI, giving you a perfect brew miles away from your home.

Including the Handpresso Wild, four (4) unbreakable espresso cups, one (1) stainless steel thermo-insulated flask, and two (2) small napkins, this kit helps to keep your favorite drinks at the palm of your hand. the adjustable strap helps to keep the kit inside the case and mobile for your convenience. Perfect for those that don't have time to stop for coffee, this kit will give you the boost that you need.

  • Accessories:

    Complete with the Handpresso Wild, a thermo-insulated flask, four (4) cups, and two (2) napkins, this kit has everything you need to enjoy your hot beverage

  • Mobile:

    The carrying case and adjustable strap allow you to keep your kit safe from outside forces

  • High Quality:

    Made of thermo-formed EVA (extreme vibration attenuation), this kit can withstand 50 PSI of pressure