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29-Inch Black and Oak Bar Stool

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Home Styles 29-Inch Black and Oak Bar Stool

Give off a welcoming feel to your indoor bar with a sturdy, comfortable and attractive stool from Home Styles. The 5644-88) model of bar stool provides ample height for sitting at bars, showcases a sleek aesthetic, and also provides great comfort to users. This stool is perfect for entertaining guests around a homemade bar, and even serving customers in a commercial bar.

  • Hardwood Construction:

    Hardened material guaranteed to provide comfortable sitting for many years. Stool is capable of withstanding up to 250 lbs of weight

  • Designed With Curved Seat:

    Specifically designed for comfort with a grooved stool seat which makes long periods of sitting easy and relaxing

  • Oak Finish:

    This stool is reinforced even more by the oak finish of the stool seat. This finish helps protect the stool from wear and tear, making it an even better investment for your bar

  • Great Aesthetic:

    As well as it being comfortable and rock-solid, the stool is also very striking, and helps you create your own authentic bar atmosphere

  • Put Your Feet Up:

    Sturdy frame also provides a small amount of space to perch feet on, for a little bit of added comfort

  • Requires Assembly:

    Some assembly is required for the stool, it will not be delivered to you fully assembled