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Steamer Trunk Bar

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Home Styles Steamer Trunk Bar

Home Styles Steamer Trunk Bar features reliable construction composed of wood and Asian style wood veneers. The design of the unit is very clever with the sides that swing open and the top that folds down. This is the perfect unit for a more compact area that requires furniture to be better thought-out.

The bar is spacious and there is more than enough space for putting everything away with in-door bottle storage, a stemware rack, and a utility drawer which opens easily. And the intelligent touches don't stop there; when the unit is not needed, it is easily transformed into a narrow cabinet. That's flexibility you can use! The trunk bar is available in options of Cherry, Oak, or Ebony finish.

  • Solid construction:

    The solid hardwood using in the construction of the unit virtually guarantees years of dependable use

  • Rich finish:

    The options of cherry, oak, or ebony finish add a touch of richness and sophistication

  • Long lasting elegance:

    The elegant look will last for a lifetime thanks to the build quality of the product