1,053 Lbs. Pearl Ice Machine

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Ice-O-Matic 1,053 Lbs. Pearl Ice Machine - Stainless Steel

Give yourself an advantage over the competition by providing customers with delicious nugget-style pearl ice from the Ice-O-Matic 1,053 Lbs. Pearl Ice Machine (GEM0956A). This durable and well-designed ice machine is the perfect solution to your commercial ice needs.

  • Space-Saving Design:

    With a slim 21" width and no side clearance required, you can use this ice maker alongside other machines with absolutely no ventilation problems

  • Impressive Ice Production:

    This powerful machine produces up to 1,053 lbs. of nugget-style pearl ice a day, giving you ample ice for your commercial needs

  • Soft, Chewable Ice:

    This ice machine produces soft nugget-style pearl ice that is ideal for chewing, fountain drinks, smoothies or any other beverage application where ice is needed

  • Decreased Water & Power Usage:

    Because this machine produces pearl ice, it uses significantly less power and water than comparable cube ice machines

  • SystemSafe Feature:

    The SystemSafe technology continuously monitors workload and immediately shuts down the system if a problem is detected, preventing costly damages

  • Intelligent Water Sensor:

    This machine's water sensor keeps your machine up and running by ensuring that machine failure due to low or no water does not occur

  • Durable & Dependable Components:

    You can be sure that this ice maker is built to last due to the stainless steel evaporator, auger and cabinet, as well as the heavy-duty gearbox and industrial-grade roller bearings