Professional 24 Inch Refrigerator with Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door

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Marvel Professional 24" Refrigerator w/ Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door - Black/Stainless Steel

Ensure that you get the best refrigerator by getting the Marvel Professional 24 Inch Refrigerator with Black Cabinet and Locking Glass Door (MPRO6GARM-BS-LR, MPRO6GARM-BS-LL). This refrigerator doubles as a beverage center, which allows you to store your cold cans of beer, soda, and whatever else you'd like with ease. The adjustable shelves allow you to store up to 20 standard size wine bottles or 134 12-ounce cans, which is great for holding drinks for events, BBQs, and even watching the games on Sunday.

The cooling technology allows you to adjust and maintain the temperature inside the cooling unit for your different beverages, and the temperature ranges between 35 and 43 degrees F. The stainless steel design allows you to place the unit in your kitchen, game room, or elsewhere and allow it to blend in to any motif or decor. With a dual-pane, tinted door glass, this fridge/cooler helps to protect the contents from harmful UV rays, which can contaminate the cans or food inside the fridge. Perfect for any setting, this refrigerator/cooler will be ideal for holding anything you need.

  • Close Door Assist:

    The close door assist hinging system ensures that the door will close even if it is accidentally left ajar

  • LED Interior Lighting:

    Soft blue LED lighting helps illuminate what is inside the cooler while not overexposing it to too much light

  • Door Lock:

    Standard with this refrigerator/cooler, the door comes with a lock to keep people from taking your contents