Rabbit Wine Trek-Silver-Black

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Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-Silver-Black

Keep your wine cold while on the go with the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-Silver-Black (6354). This innovative tool can fit most sized wine and champagne bottle and allows you to keep them cold on long car rides, hikes, or picnics in the park. The unique chiller wrap design freezes incredibly quick, throw it in the freezer and in only 30 minutes have a fully frozen chiller wrap that will be able to keep your bottle cold for hours.

Outside the chiller wrap is a lightweight material that seals with a zipper and is insulated to allow the chiller wrap to stay frozen for long after being taken out of the freezer. This wine trek fills the roll of a wine refrigerator or wine chiller, by taking this technology on the go. If you like to take wine or champagne with you on long hikes, or picnics, then the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-Silver-Black is a must have for keeping your beverages ice cold.

  • Freezes Quickly:

    The chill wrap freezes in only 30 minutes so you can throw it in last minute and still utilize its cooling power

  • Insulated Material:

    The lightweight outer material is insulated to keep the chill wrap frozen for hours

  • Great For Picnics:

    This amazing wine trek is great for keeping your wine or champagne cold while hiking, on picnics and other outdoor adventures