Kalix Series Hot N' Cold Water Cooler - Silver

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Oasis Kalix Series Hot N' Cold Water Cooler - Silver

The Oasis Kalix (504182) “pure-on-demand” Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Cooler offers the high-quality water, hot or cold, 24 hours a day. This cooler eliminates the hassle of storing and changing heavy bottles, and the waste of throwing away millions of disposable plastic bottles. These units are easily connected directly to our existing water lines.

Where a bottle normally enters the top of a cooler, a float assembly is fitted. A hose coming directly from your water source, which can be tap water, filtered water or RO water, is connected to the back of the float assembly, then goes down the back of the cooler and out of sight. When water is drawn from the cooler, the float assembly allows water to flow back into the cooler until full, thereby providing a continuous source of water without bottle storage or spilled water.

This unit provides up to 240 cups per hour of hot, cold and room temperature water at your convenience. Order today for a convenient supply of clean, great tasting water.

  • Stainless Steel Tanks:

    The reservoir tank on this unit is made of type 300 series stainless steel for superior quality and sanitation purposes

  • Cold Water Refrigeration Unit:

    The internal spring mounted compressor is hermetically sealed with an automatic overload protector and refrigerant controlling capillary tube

  • Two Piece Hot Water Tank:

    The tank is constructed of type 300 series stainless steel, and the 500 watt element can be replaced on site, reducing time and service costs