Mirage Series Multi-Temperature Water Cooler

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Discontinued Product

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Oasis Mirage Series Energy Star Bottom-Loading Tri-Temperature Water Cooler - Black and Silver

Your one-stop shop for fresh water, the Oasis Mirage Series Energy Star Bottom-Loading Tri-Temperature Water Cooler (504573C) is packed with features and is very easy to set-up and operate. The cooler can dispense water from a bottle system, or you can use the included parts to convert it into a convenient point-of-use system. If you prefer to use bottles, replacing them is effortless since the storage compartment is located on the bottom of the unit -- no heavy lifting or worrying about dropping or spilling heavy and cumbersome water jugs. The cooler comes in a refined black and silver build that's sure to look great anywhere you put it, and there's a handle on the back to help you easily move the water cooler when needed.

With the use of a 1-piece 500-watt hot water tank and a convection-cooled, condenser-based refrigeration unit, this water cooler is capable of supplying hot, cold, or room temperature water for whatever your needs may be. In fact, each hour the cooler can dispense up to 45 6-ounce servings of piping hot water or up to 59 3-ounce servings or refreshingly cold water. There are separate thermostats for both the hot and cold water supply that you can easily adjust using the electronic control board. Both water reservoirs are constructed of Type 300 Series stainless steel that's intended to withstand years of use. There's even a self-closing hot water safety faucet that requires a two-step action for operation, making it safe for use in homes with children.

  • Multi-Temperature Water Options:

    Choose from three (3) different water temperatures for your enjoyment: hot, cold, or ambient

  • Bottle or Point-of-Use System:

    This water cooler is capable of dispensing water from bottles and includes all the necessary parts to use it as a point-of-use system as well

  • Bottom-Loading Bottle Configuration:

    You won't have to break your back when installing new water bottles since they are held in the cooler's bottom compartment