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Keg Coupler Types

Keg Coupler Types
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L - Z
 Beer Brand Coupler Type
Labatt Blue D
Leffe U
Leinenkugel D
Lindeman's Framboise S
Lindeman's Peche S
Lion Nathan S
Little Kings D
Lost Coast Alleycat Amber D
Lost Coast Apricot Wheat D
Lost Coast Downtown Brown D
Lost Coast Great White D
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown D
Lowenbrau (Import) S
Lowenbrau (US) D
Mad River Jamaica Red Ale D
Mad River Steelhead Pale D
Magners U
Maredsous Abbey Ale (Belgium) S
Marston's Pedigree S
Maudite D
McEwan's S
Miami Trail Brewing D
Michael Shea's D
Michelob D
Michelob Amber Bock D
Michelob Light D
Michelob Speciality D
Michelob Ultra D
Mickey's D
Middle Ages D
Miller D
Miller Genuine Draft D
Miller Lite D
Milwaukee's Best D
Modelo D
Molson Canadian D
Moosehead D
Moretti Italian Pilsner S
Murphy's Irish Red S
Murphy's Irish Stout S
Natural Ice D
Natural Light D
New Amsterdam D
New Zeland Steinlager D
Newcastle S
Nor'Wester D
North Coast Old Rasputin Stout D
North Coast Pranqster Belgian D
North Coast Red Seal Ale D
North Coast Scrimshaw D
O'Doul's D
Old Milwaukee D
Old Speckeled Hen G
Old Vienna D
Paulaner Hefeweizen A
Paulaner Lager A
Paulaner Pilsner A
Paulaner Salvator A
Pete's Seasonals D
Pete's Wicked Ale D
Pilsner Urquell S
Piraat Ale S
Porter & Summerfest D
Portland Mactarnahan's Amber D
Portland Oregon Honey D
Pyramid Hefeweizen D
Pyramid Seasonal D
Razors Edge D
Red Ale D
Red Dog D
Red Hook Blonde D
Red Hook ESB D
Red Hook IPA D
Red Hook Seasonal D
Red Wolf D
Rogue Dead Guy Ale D
Rogue Hazelnut Brown D
Rogue Red D
Rolling Rock D
Rouge G
Rouge-Mogal D
Sam Adams Boston Lager D
Sam Adams Seasonal D
Saranac D
Saxer Brewing D
Schmitt's D
Schneider M
Scottish & Newcastle S
Scottish Tennents G
Shiner Bock D
Ship Inn D
Shipyard D
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale D
Sierra Nevada Seasonal D
Sir Perry William's G
Sleemans D
Smithwicks Ale U
Southpaw D
Spanish Peaks Black Dog D
Spaten Lager A
Spaten Oktoberfest A
Spaten Optimator A
Spaten Pils A
St. Pauli Girl S
Staropramen A
Starr Hill Brewery D
Steinlager D
Stella Artois S
Stroh's D
Strongbow Cider S
Tecate D
Tetley's S
Thomas Kemper D
Tooheys S
Trois Pistoles D
Tucher S
Unibroue D
Van Steenberge S
Veltins M
Victoria Bitter A
Warsteiner Dunkel A
Warsteiner Pils A
Wasatch D
Watney's G
Weinhard's D
Whitbread Ale D
Widmer Hefeweizen D
Widmer Seasonal D
Woodchuck Dark & Dry Cider D
Woodpecker Cider S
Wyder's Apple Cider D
Wyder's Peach Cider D
Wyder's Pear Cider D
Wyder's Raspberry Cider D
Young's S
Young's Chocolate Stout S
Young's Oatmeal Stout S
Young's Ram Rod Bitter S
Young's Special London Ale S
Yuengling D
Zebra D
Zywiec M
"A" System Keg Coupler
Fits Most German Keg Valves

CH5400A "A" Style Coupler
"D" System Keg Coupler
Fits U.S. Sankey Keg Valves

CH5000 "D" Style Coupler

FT86P "D" Style Wing-Handle Coupler

FT44T "D" Style Lo-Boy Double Handle
Coupler with Male Beer Thread Outlet

CH5002 "D" Style Coupler
"G" System Keg Coupler
Fits Some European Keg Valves

CH5200G "G" Style Coupler
"S" System Keg Coupler
Fits European Sankey Keg Valves

CH5100 "S" Style Coupler

FT90P "S" Style Wing-Handle Coupler
"U" System Keg Coupler
Fits Some European Keg Valves

CH5300U "U" Style Coupler

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