Standard Door Kegerator Conversion Kit - Single Keg  Model:RCK-LC-S

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Wanting to Convert a Fridge Into a Kegerator?

The process is made simple with the help of this kegerator conversion kit (RCK-LC-S). Designed for through-door faucet installations, the RCK-LC-S kegerator conversion kit ships complete with all the necessary hardware and tools for a refrigerator conversion.

Kit includes:

  • Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator
  • 4 ft. of red Thermoplastic super vinyl gas hose with re-useable snap clamps
  • American Sankey "D" system keg coupler
  • 5 ft. of long super vinyl beer hose assembly (pre-assembled with hex nut and neoprene washer)
  • 4 in. long PVC door spacer
  • 4 1/2 in. long nipple shank (includes locknut, plastic flange, coupling nut, and snap ring)
  • Chrome plated solid brass beer faucet
  • High gloss black plastic faucet handle
  • Durable 6 in. x 4 in. stainless steel drip tray
  • Faucet wrench
  • Patented SmartStrip Beer Volume & Temperature Monitor
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions

Note: CO2 tank sold separately.

Enjoy real draft beer and save money by building your own kegerator—order this conversion kit today!

**CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Click here for important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.

Specifications & Manuals

  • Model: RCK-LC-S
  • Brand: Micro Matic
  • Dual gauge CO2 regulator
  • 4’ of red Thermoplastic super vinyl gas hose with re-useable snap clamps
  • 5’ long super vinyl beer hose assembly that will not rot, swell, or dry out
  • 4" long PVC door spacer that allows secure shank installation
  • Premium quality chrome plated solid brass beer faucet
  • Standard - Door Kegerator Conversion Kit
  • High gloss black plastic faucet knob
  • Durable 6" x 4" stainless steel drip tray with 2" tall backsplash and no drain
  • Faucet wrench for easy tightening the faucet to the shank
  • 4 1/2" long nipple shank assembly
  • Patented SmartStrip Beer Volume and Temperature Monitor for accurate reading of beer keg
  • Complete, detailed easy to follow instructions for quick installation
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating: Write a Review
    Through-Door Kegerator Conversion Kit 4.7 5 3 3
    Fun to do! Reuse & Recycle What a great way to re-use a refrigerator from college. Using a keg eliminates all those bottles too. Kit was complete. Make sure you download installation instructions before you plan to do the conversion. Instructions list all tools required. Only issue we had was the freezer portion of our refrigerator had to be bent up and over to allow room for keg. Think removing it would be best, but couldn't find best way to do that without damaging cooling function. July 31, 2014
    Girl friend bolts, leaves her fridge, schwing! I bought this kit to put in a spare fridge that is in the basement. I had no previous experience with a CO2 system prior to this installation. All items in the kit are covered in the instructions, which are detailed and easy to understand. The "A" coupler, tap and gauges are quality pieces. The kit includes most of the items necessary to covert a fridge to a Kegerator. You will still need a filled CO2 tank and obviously, a keg of beer. Assembling the system is a breeze. For me, the instructions were key. In retrospect, I would have opted to get a 2 keg gauge set, but with a little ingenuity this kit can en enabled to service 2 kegs simultaneously. July 9, 2013
    Good product, difficult installation at first The instruction were lacking a little. Some steps were missing, but I figured them out. Some washers were just labeled "washer", and did not know where they went exactly. Also, a rubber washer is needed for the beer line to the coupler, but it was not mentioned. (It took seconds after tapping to realize the importance of that one.) I'm not extremely experienced, but my knowledge-base is pretty fair with home projects. I am building a bar, and this worked excellent. One thing I never noticed having been mentioned: the keg. This kit is for a refrigerator, so the keg needs to fit inside of it, and mine did. The problem is that the back of the fridge is sloped so a keg will not just sit inside it. I had to create a wood-shelf for the keg and CO2 tank to sit on. It works really well, and I'm kinda proud. Another issue I had was the handle. If you notice in one of the pictures, I wanted the handle to be pretty high. The location actually measures lower than what the instructions suggested. Due to poor planning, the top of the handle hits the bottom of the freezer by about 1/4". Very annoying, but I wired the two doors together and no problems. (It was either that, or saw that off the handle, and I couldn't bring myself to do it.) The CO2 tank is a little strange. It makes sense, but I did not take into account the fact that the cold air inside will affect the air pressure. After adjusting it appropriately the night before, I had to re-adjust the next day because the cold air lower the pressure inside the tank so much. Just something to be aware of, not a problem. Now, the foam. I still get an extremely foamy beer for the first few pours. I'm not sure why. My glasses are frosted, and the beer stays stable so as not to "slosh". The CO2 is where it is suggested, maybe a little lower. Still, the first few beers are nothing but foam after not using for a couple of days. After the first few beers, though, it's a party. All in all, I love this product. Having beer this convenient may be of the devil, but how cool is it to have your own tap?! I love it in every way, and use it nearly every weekend. It works out for my bar perfectly, and would recommend it to everyone who is building a bar. My friends can't stop raving about it. February 29, 2012
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