Trademark Global

40" 8-Ball Stained Glass Light Fixture

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Trademark Global 40" 8 Ball Stained Glass Light Fixture

The Trademark Global 40" 8 Ball Stained Glass Lighting Fixture (RAC4000-8) is destined to be the most enticing thing in your game room or drawing area. Perfect for recreation and home decor, this elegant lighting fixture also makes a great gift for friends or relatives.

A purely handmade product that uses stained glass and zinc or brass channels, this exquisite billiard table lamp is equipped with a pull-chain mechanism to switch the lights on and off. Stylish hanging hardware, along with extensive hanging chains, offer unmatched support to this classy light fixture.

  • Handmade with Stained Glass:

    This classy lamp is handmade and adorned with beautiful stained glass.

  • Brass or Zinc channel:

    Elegant brass or zinc channels hold the glass with extreme firmness.

  • Long-Hanging Chains:

    Elongated hanging chains, along with supportive hanging hardware, provide excellent suspension.


  • Model: RAC4000-8
    Brass or zinc channel depending on the team selected
  • Brand: Trademark Global
    Ships in 1 Carton