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Coca Cola Logo Pub Stool

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Coke Logo:


Coca Cola Logo Pub Stool (COKE-1000) is sure to be a welcome addition to your living space. The attractive red colored Coca Cola Logo pub stool leaves a glamorous look to your settings.

Coca Cola Logo Pub Stool features a seat with the Coca Cola logo and adjustable levelers making it versatile to move in any direction. The 30 inch high bar stool works well for bar pub table and bars. Crafted with a double rung base in chrome plating, the stool is durable for long lasting usage.

  • Adjustable levelers:

    Adjustable levelers help in adjusting the height as per convenience.

  • Long lasting:

    The Coca Cola Logo Pub Stool provides long lasting fittings due to the durablility of chrome plated double rung base.

  • Versatile function:

    The high quality vinyl seat adds glamour to the cushioned seat used for bar pub seating as well as gifting a loved one.