Wort Aeration System  Model:FE380

Wort Aeration System
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Wort Aeration System

The Wort Aeration System (FE380) helps you introduce sanitary oxygen to the cooled wort prior to pitching the yeast. Oxygen is necessary for fermentation and this aeration system more efficiently infuses oxygen into the wort for a healthier fermentation.

Simply sanitize the diffusion stone and tubing, then attach them to the inline filter. Attach the air pump to the other side of the inline filter, then submerge the diffusion stone in your cooled wort. Turn on the air pump and allow no less than 30 minutes for proper aeration—the longer you aerate the wort, the greater the oxygen content will be.

System includes an air pump, a two-micron stainless steel diffusion stone, inline filter and tubing.

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