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Avallon Global has chiefly specialized in creating innovative appliances that enrich customers’ lives. The international brand has made strides in the industry, developing extravagant beverage coolers and outdoor fridges with convenient features that competitors consider “additional.” Avallon strives to combine affordability, quality, and convenience into all of their products—from the development stages to final production—when you purchase from Avallon you know you’re receiving a high-end appliance.

Although the world-class brand is headquartered in Austin, Texas, they’ve partnered with leading retailers across the country so anyone can take advantage of their top-tier technology, without sacrificing an arm and a leg.

With the ability to maintain consistent temperatures as low as 34°F, Avallon’s beverage coolers are both reliable and effective. They’ve constructed units as slim as 15” in width to accommodate the most compact of spaces, offering storage capacities from 86 to 152 standard-sized cans. Avallon’s powerful circulation fans and compressor work in tandem to eliminate unwanted warm spots, while the built-in carbon filter acts as a natural barrier to protect your beverages from harmful odors. These high-tech chillers can be installed undercounter to supplement additional storage in your kitchen, or left freestanding for convenient access no matter the occasion. Topped off with sophisticated stainless steel doors, glass-sanded shelving, and a fully electronic touch control panel, Avallon’s affordable chillers are built for dependable operation and look great doing it.

Customer satisfaction is a factor Avallon highly values, and as a result tremendous amounts of technical details are put into their selection of appliances. The brand’s built-in refrigerators are outstanding examples. They’ve optimized the design of these units’ interiors to offer 3.3 and 5.5 cubic feet of storage while conserving as much space as possible. Avallon’s engineers perfected their fridges with front-venting configurations, along with options for left or right-hinged doors, to provide your space with as much functionality as possible. Take advantage of the completely electronic control center to set, and monitor, desired temperatures ranging from 34° to 50°F; these units utilize advanced technology to ensure for completely even interior cooling.

If you’re in need of something to complement your outdoor kitchen while withstanding Mother Nature’s harsh elements, Avallon’s outdoor refrigerators are designed just for you. This built-in cooler lineup was fortified with full stainless steel exteriors to ensure product longevity, and is capable of chilling your beverages to the coldest possible degree without freezing. Equipped with four mobile casters to easily move these units where need be, Avallon’s outdoor fridges are the best choices for barbecues, pool parties—anywhere you’d want perfectly cold refreshments on hand and ready to drink.

With over half century of combined product experience between the team, Avallon is more than qualified to provide superior appliances that accommodate every day’s busy flow of life. The brand backs their products with an award-winning customer service department to help you with anything from installations to troubleshooting—relax, and let Avallon do all the work for you. Make one of the best decisions you’ll ever have and invest in an Avallon today.