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Gold Complete Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

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    BSG HandCraft Gold Complete Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

    If you're looking for a high quality and all-inclusive kit, look no further than the Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6COMPKIT). This homebrewing equipment kit includes a heavy duty 24 gauge stainless steel brew pot that has a 20 quart capacity that's perfect for 5 gallon batches. Also included is a reusable fine mesh straining bag to hold grain for the mash as well as a 24-inch stainless steel spoon that can whirlpool big batches and even support the weight of a grain bag when sparging. 

    When it's time to ferment, transfer to the extra large 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket from primary fermentation, then to the durable 6 gallon glass carboy that's great for primary or secondary fermentation. The non-porous glass construction makes it so that byproducts of the fermentation process are less likely to stick to the sides, ultimately making for an easier cleaning job. The 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket is also drilled for easy attachment of the included spigot, allowing it to double as a bottling bucket.

    20 Quart Stainless Steel Brew Pot with Lid: Provides plenty of room for brewing 5 gallon batches, with a super durable 24 gauge stainless steel construction 

    6 Gallon Glass Carboy with Stopper: Easy to clean, heavy duty glass construction that is ideal for secondary fermentation and clarification, and lets you see the progress of the beer – brewer preferred! 

    7.8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Lid: Extra large capacity that's great for fermentation – doubles as a bottling bucket once you attach the included spigot 

    Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer: Takes instantaneous readings, clips directly onto your brew pot and is far less susceptible to breakage than a glass thermometer 

    24-Inch Stainless Steel Spoon: The long handle and stainless steel construction make it great for managing your brew and it's strong enough to support the weight of a grain bag when sparging 

    Fine Mesh Straining Bag: Strong and reusable with a fine mesh that won't allow grains to slip through for more flavor and body with less mess 

    Automatic Pump-Style Siphon & 5-Foot Tubing: Transferring beer has never been easier with the automated siphon that puts gravity on your side and also helps prevent oxidation 

    Triple Scale Hydrometer: Take accurate gravity readings before and after fermentation to measure alcohol content 

    Double Lever Capper: Make capping your bottles quick and easy