What are the differences between an upright and chest style freezer?
Both styles perform the same freezing functions but there are differences worth considering before you purchase. Due to the body style a chest freezer will require more floor space than a comparable upright model. Be sure to position a chest freezer in a location that will accommodate the top opening lid. Because chest freezers typically do not offer shelves they will provide more overall useable interior storage space. The open design of a chest freezer also allows for easier storage of odd shaped items that may be more difficult to fit within the shelves of an upright model. Chest freezers tend to offer more overall side wall insulation than an upright model which will keep contents frozen longer in the event of a power outage. Due to the lack of shelving and the open storage design of a chest freezer it can be more challenging to organize the contents compared to the organizational options provided by an upright unit. An upright freezer will take up less floor space than a comparable chest model. It will also open from the front which may allow you to position the unit in more places in your home than a chest unit.

Do you offer freezers that include an “auto-defrost” feature?
Auto defrost is a feature that allows the freezer to cycle on and off as needed to avoid ice build up while still maintaining the desired temperature set by the internal thermostat. The majority of consumer chest and upright freezers offered on the market today do not include an auto defrost feature. This feature is more common in the freezer section of refrigerator/freezer combo units. Please view the specification tab listed on each freezer listing on our website to determine if the unit offers auto or manual defrost.

What is a medical freezer?
The main difference between a medical and traditional consumer freezer is the medical units ability to reach temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. A medical freezer will typically include some type of lock as well. Unless you plan on storing vaccines or medical samples a non-medical freezer is usually more than adequate.

What is a portable freezer?
A portable freezer allows you to power the unit with a 12volt power source so you may transport frozen items. As long as the freezer is connected to an active 12volt power source it will continue to operate. Many portable freezers, such as the Edgestar FP series, also include a 110volt power adapter so you may power the unit with a traditional wall outlet as well.