Save money with keg beer

Many people love the taste of freshly poured draft beer, but it's also an economical choice. Drinking beer from the the keg saves $40 or more per half barrel kegerator. At that rate, your kegerator can pay for itself after the 10th keg! Take a look at the numbers:

A standard 1/2 gallon keg of Budweiser costs $94 or less. It contains 15.5 gallons of beer (1984 ounces). A suitcase of Budweiser contains 24 12 ounce cans and costs about $20. To get the same volume of beer from Budweiser suticases as from a keg, you would need to purchase about 7 suitcases for about $140. So- the keg beer saves you over $40 per keg!

Of course, you must consider the shelf life of your keg. While beer generally tastes better the fresher it is, beer in a pressurized keg that is kept refrigerated can last 45-60 days. However, transit time and storage can use up 5-30 days- so most kegs will remain fresh (provided they are kept refrigerated) for about a month at your home. Note that CO2 should be used to keep your keg pressurized. "Party pumpsquot; pressurize kegs with the ambient air, which can cause a keg to go bad in as little as 12 hours!

Go green with keg beer

That's far from the only savings you get from keg beer. Kegs are generally cleaned, refilled, and reused over and over again. While cans and bottles can be recycled and reused, this process is much more time and energy intensive than simply cleaning and refilling a keg.

The aluminum alone in the 165 cans that contain the same amount of beer as a 1/2 barrel keg weighs 5 pounds!