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Micromatic MDD68S-E :: 3-Keg Refrigerator SS - Glass Rinser

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Micromatic Micromatic MDD68S-E :: 3-Keg Refrigerator SS - Glass Rinser

The Micromatic - Pro-Line E-Series Keg Refrigerator (MDD68S-E) boasts the perfect blend of style and functionality to provide you with a product that is sure to grace your commercial bar or kitchen for years to come. This fridge is large enough to hold three half barrel kegs at any time - or it can hold 12 sixth barrel kegs. As you can see, it's versatile enough to cope with the biggest and smallest storage requirements. When you need your beers to be cold and fresh before service, this product should be your first port of call.

  • Lights:

    To ensure you can use this fridge at any time of the day, easily and safely, interior LED lights have been included to improve your visibility

  • Doors:

    The door has been fitted with a self-closing mechanism. This feature reduces the chances of the door being left open accidentally - ensuring your beer remains cold at all times

  • Access:

    To provide you with extra peace of mind, the door also comes with a keyed lock - allowing you to control who has access to your beer

  • Tray:

    This fridge also comes with a drip tray, and this feature guards against excess beer from landing on your floor. The tray is made from stainless steel and is removable - meaning it's simple to clean

  • Thermostat:

    By taking a quick glance at the digital thermostat, it's simple to make sure your fridge is operating at the correct temperature