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Perlick HP24TS-3-2L2 :: 24-Inch Dual Beer Dispenser

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Perlick Perlick HP24TS-3-2L2 :: 24-Inch Dual Beer Dispenser

The elegance and quality of the Perlick 24-Inch Dual Faucet Signature Beer Dispenser (HP24TS-3-2L2) is immediately apparent. Made in the USA, the dispenser showcases a high-quality commercial-grade Stainless Steel that makes up the interior and exterior of the handsome device, whose door may be personalized with a matching custom wood panel to fit in to surrounding cabinetry and finishes. And when you pour your brew from one of the two 650SS Stainless Steel flow-control beer faucets, You'll know that it is perfectly chilled by the dispenser's front-vented RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system, which keeps your brewery-fresh beer at a constant temperature between 33 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Air-cooled dispensing towers keep your beer lines cold and make sure libations are perfectly chilled all the way through the faucet. Additionally, with the twist of the flow control lever on each faucet, you can easily adjust the speed of the pour, slowing down heady beers such as hefeweizens for a perfect pint every time.

The dispenser comes standard with a low profile system keg coupler, though may be fitted with additional couplers depending on the type of beer. The dispenser also features a zero-clearance hinge that allows it to fit in completely flush with any counters around it. A digital control module ensures that the dispenser is easy to set to the perfect temperature for a variety of beers. A compact form-factor offers ample room‚ 5.2 cubic feet‚ for either one 1/4 keg or two 1/6 kegs, allowing plenty of choices when deciding what refreshing drafts to keep on tap. As you open the faucet, crisp liquid will pour into your glass, air-cooled to a perfect chill between keg and faucet, and a portable drainer will catch any accidental overflow without the need for extra plumbing.

Made in the USA:Domestic quality of design and material

Custom overlay:Overlay door accepts custom wood panel, not included (Note: image shows Stainless Steel door)

Commercial grade:Made from the highest quality of Stainless Steel

RAPIDcool:Front-vented, forced-air refrigeration ensures the perfect brew temperature

Flow control:Easily control pour speed with an on-faucet lever

Digital control:A digital control module makes it easier than ever to adjust internal temperatures