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True Back Bar Direct Draw Beer Dispenser - TDB-24-48-1-G-1

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    True True Back Bar Direct Draw Beer Dispenser - TDB-24-48-1-G-1

    Tap into a favorite keg or serve canned or bottled beverages from the True Back Bar Direct Draw Beer Dispenser (TDB-24-48-1-G-1). This combination appliance is a fully functioning kegerator that can accommodate a 16 gallon/half barrel keg, and store up to 245 12 oz cans in the beverage refrigerator side. True's combination coolers are made with enduring quality and value in mind and they are committed to using only the highest quality materials. The cabinet's exterior is laminated black vinyl on the front and sides while the back is made of black aluminum and the sleek countertop is Stainless Steel. The kegerator has a solid door with a recessed handle and standard door lock, and the beverage refrigerator has an energy efficient glass door with an aluminum door frame.

    Equipped with a sealed evaporator fan motor, both the kegerator and beverage refrigerator operate with holding temperatures from 33 - 38 F. Side air vents help maximize the flow of fresh air through the condenser and epoxy coating eliminates the potential of corrosion on the evaporator. The 3 inch Stainless Steel beer column has cold air directly channeled into it to reduce foaming and maximize draft beer profits when serving. Other features include: an integrated door light system, polyurethane insulation, positive seal doors, 300 series Stainless Steel floor, and two (2) adjustable shelves.

    Dual Purpose: This combination unit serves as both a fully functioning kegerator and a large capacity beverage refrigerator that can hold up to 245 12 oz cans

    Kegerator: Able to hold a 16 gallon keg the 3 inch Stainless Steel insulated column serves your chosen brew, and directly channeled cold air reduces foaming

    High Quality Design: True is committed to using only the highest quality materials for years of trouble free use