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True T-Series Reach-In Solid Swing Door Refrigerator - T-23

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True True T-Series Reach-In Solid Swing Door Refrigerator - T-23

The True T-Series Reach-In Solid Swing Door Refrigerator is the perfect option for your commercial kitchen. Meant to function in the busiest of food service environments, this refrigerator has a design that delivers both dependability and convenience.

Food Preservation: The powerful compressor and extra large evaporator coil work to keep this refrigerator's temperature between 33F to 38F, providing reliable food safety

Adjustable Sturdy Shelving: The three (3) adjustable wire shelves are coated in heavy-duty PVC to ensure durability

Exterior Temperature Display: Monitoring the refrigerator's temperature is easy and can be done without opening the door due to the exterior temperature display

Self-Closing Door: The solid Stainless Steel door is self-closing, allowing for quick and easy food retrieval

Quality Components: The solid Stainless Steel door and aluminum siding are not easily susceptible to the dings and scratches that tend to happen in a bustling environment

Ecomate Insulation: The interior is insulated with Ecomate, which is a high-density insulation that is proven to neither harm the ozone nor contribute to global warming

Casters Included: Four (4) sturdy locking casters are included to provide increased mobility when needed and stability when not